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for a harmonized skin – the next step in Biotech

woresan specializes in the production and development of cosmetic ingredients based on organically grown fermented cereals, plant fractions, or seeds for a healthy balanced skin.

WORESANA® ingredients are produced utilizing a patented, organic, eco-systemic fermentation technology. Through the integration of natural processes into technical systems, woresan´s eco-systemic fermentation is capable to produce highly effective, safe, and innovative skincare ingredients.

WORESANA ingredients

WORESANA® ingredients

WORESANA® ingredients are clinically proven to maintain skin integrity and positively influence the natural skin microbiome.

Additionally, this technique does fulfill customer demand regarding ecology, ethics, energy saving, material saving, safetyness and renewable sourcing. Thereby offering comprehensive overall sustainability.


WORESANA® ingredients, with their broad spectrum of individual substances, can be used for several very different cosmetic purposes.

Nourishing, functional or decorative cosmetics under the title of WORESANA®, with its concentrate, liquid and serum variants, covers all requirements. Leave-on or rinse-off. Suitable for face, body, hair or nails. As active or supportive ingredients


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