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Your ferment becomes reality

Your ferment becomes reality_2 Your ferment becomes reality_1You have a unique substrate, plant or crop whose exclusive potential you want to fully exploit? Fermentation is the best choice to achieve that. But appropriate fermentation is no easy matter. 

Certainly, every child can carry out a fermentation. Place a flour with some water in a bucket. Cover it up and off into the sun. After a few days, the result is undoubtedly a ferment, but what a outcome?

It can be a good product or potentially toxic. Every time a game of chance. One hundred attempts, one hundred results. The outcome will never be the same and certainly not the best possible.

Woresan does offer you to make your idea your best reality.

Our knowledge, hardware and experience allow us to perform safe, efficient, repeatable, high class fermentations. All from one hand. From the development of the ideal fermentation starting culture through adjusting all production parameters to the production of your cosmetic ferment ingredients.