WORESANA® the microbiome harmonizer

The microbiome concept of WORESANA® ingredients is based upon the idea of promoting and supporting the microbial diversity of the skin. "No man is an island.” This saying is also true for organisms in an ecosystem. No organism exists in isolation.  Individual organisms live together in an ecosystem and depend on one another.  In fact, they have many different types of interactions with each other, and many of these interactions are critical for their survival.

In a healthy bacterial system these pathogenic bacteria fulfil purposes, delivering special metabolites or activating certain innate immune defence response.

WORESANA® is an artificial biofilm offering a wide range nutritional, stimulatory or inhibitory compounds.

Primary and secondary metabolites, enzymes, EPSs, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. All of these in an optimal ratio and furthermore highly bioavailable for either microbial development or the epidermis.

By increasing the range of these substances, which are available to the skin and resident microorganisms, the diversity and complexity of the resident ecosystem is increased.

The production of WORESANA® is the guided bacterial growth of a highly complex, stable microbial bacterial culture through the phases of microbial development. Basic requirement is the profound knowledge of the factors determining microbial metabolism and the stability of the microflora.

The used culture is characterized by the highest complexity, which is achieved by continuous, year-long reappropriation of a combination of most different lactobacilli culture. This complexity assures the highest possible output of most diverse metabolic compounds.

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