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Press Release

woresan announces analytical results for non-viable microbial counting

ISERNHAGEN, Ger., 20.02.2021 / woresan GmbH delivers high performance fermented ingredients for the cosmetic and medical device market. WORESANA® products offer customers the way to satisfying market demands. This applies to aspects of sustainability, microbiome friendliness, natural processing but not dispensing activity and efficiency. The unique patented ecosystemic fermentation process creates multifunctional, microbiome supporting ingredients.

Today woresan announced breakthrough results of an analytical determination by the University of Bielefeld and CeBiTec regarding the number of non-viable cell bodies present in different qualities of WORESANA® ingredients. These cell bodies can inhibit pathogen attachment to epidermal cells of the skin, even in non-viable state by blocking attachment surface and attracting bacteria of the same or similar species. Furthermore, data indicates inactivated bacteria, their fractions or purified components that have key probiotic effects with advantages versus live probiotics.

Three WORESANA® rye ingredients have undergone light microscopic counting process.

The purest ferment, WORESANA® concentrate, showed the highest amount of free-flowing cell bodies (10,33 million / ml) and a huge amount of particle bound (81,33 million / ml).

Microscopic image of WORESANA® concentrate shows bacterial content in free-flowing form (small objects) and in particle bond form (larger objects)

The milky ferment WORESANA® fluid has undergone one filtration that takes out bigger particle and thereby particle bond cell bodies are not present anymore. Free-flowing cell bodies were present (6,96 million / ml (+- 9,8 %)).

image microbial content WORESANA®fluid shows the free flowing non-viable bacterial content

Within the WORESANA®serum, as expected, no intact cell bodies could be found. As the serum is filtered with 0,2 µm filter size. However, it is likely that cell compounds are present because of lysis.

The findings are significant as this constitutes proof of probiotic activity, beside the already demonstrated prebiotic and the unquestionable postbiotic activities. This unique biotic profile makes all WORESANA® suitable for most varied applications.

These findings represent another building block to provide a full explanation for the unique nature and multifunctionality of WORESANA® ingredients.