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Parabiotics & Postbiotic – Next level Biotics

Probiotics have several health benefits by modulating the microbiome; however, techno-functional limitations such as viability controls have hindered their full potential applications in the cosmetic and medical device sectors. Consequently, the attention is increasingly moving from viable probiotic bacteria towards non-viable paraprobiotics and/or probiotics derived biomolecules, so-called postbiotics.

Parabiotics and postbiotics are the emerging concepts in the cosmetic area as they impart a collection of beneficial properties. Even Though, the terms are not well defined, for time being these terms have been defined as here.

Postbiotics are the complex mixture of metabolic products secreted by probiotics in cell-free supernatants such as enzymes, secreted proteins, short chain fatty acids, vitamins, secreted biosurfactants, amino acids, peptides, organic acids, etc.

Paraprobiotics are the non-viable microbial cells of probiotics. Either intact or also broken containing cell components such as teichoic acids, peptidoglycans, surface proteins or crude cell extracts with its complex composition. However, in many cases postbiotics have been used for whole class of postbiotics and parabiotics.

These have several advantages over probiotics like accessibility in their pure form, ease in production and storage, availability of manufacture process for industrial-scale-up, certain mode of action as well as certain advantages in recognition, modulation and interaction issues.

Beside their advantageous handling the various beneficial activity properties of parabiotics and postbiotics include anti-inflammatory, barrier properties, anti-adhesion, anti-biofilm, antiviral, immunomodulatory, antihypertensive, hypocholesterolemic, antiproliferative, antioxidant, etc. properties that have been previously documented.

These properties suggest that parabiotic and postbiotic molecules can improve host health by modulating host physiology by improving disease state or preventing disease onset.

The term parabiotic will get its place in the series of biotic terms alongside Pre-Pro and Postbiotic and together with postbiotic it will represent the most innovative and most promising approach to include biotic ingredients effectively into cosmetics and medical devices.

But there is a high need for human/clinical trials and analytics focusing the discovery and on the validation of claims of these bioactive molecules. Nevertheless the in the food sector parabiotics are already well established for internal use, thereby there is few doubts that this concept will take its way into topical application of cosmetics and medical device as well.

WORESANA® ingredients represents this step as they do include parabiotic non-viable microbial cells, as well as the postbiotic mixture of metabolites produced by them during the long-term fermentation when the microorganisms were still in a viable state. These para- and post-biotic properties are completed by the strongly prebiotic environmental conditioning properties.

That makes WORESANA® a state of the art ingredient-complex that offers thrilling new possibilities to create truly biotic end-consumer products.