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SOS / Emergency products with WORESANA®

Recently WORESANA® fermented cosmetic ingredients are very popular in blemished skin products. In particular in so-called emergency solutions, which focus on quick problem solving. The type and degree of the blemished skin and therefor also the targeted end consumer may vary but the properties due to which WORESANA® ferment ingredientsare being incorporated are very similar. Their anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, balancing and antioxidative properties are consistently recurring stated reasons. As well as the enzymatic activity and its healing and moisturizing activities.

Even though the microbiome balancing activities of WORESANA® fermented ingredients are still subordinate compared to the pure effectiveness in this target-oriented scope of application it is constantly gaining in marketing importance. As well as the all-natural, non-chemical approach.

This product category reflects exceptionally the multifunctionality approach of WORESANA® fermented cosmetic ingredients. It is not the “one” specific activity that represents the overall activity but the combination of various complementary activities that are causal for WORESANA®´s versatile effectiveness.

That fits very well with a skin situation that can be based upon very varied causes. Whereas in young people mostly hormonal reasons cause breakouts, later bacterial, viral, or fungal infection, as well as allergic reactions might cause them. But also, photosensitivity or air pollution can reasonable.

Bioakneroll – anti-acne spot pen

Anti-acne concentrate helps to sustainably improve skin condition, reduce sore spots and comedones when used regularly on daily basis. Bioakneroll anti-acne concentrate is based on natural bioactive ingredients with proven effectiveness. Thanks to its concentrated formula, the gel acts exactly where skin defects appear, instantly relieving skin inflammation and counteracting the development of bacteria. Effectively fights acne and inflammation, targets acne bacteria, has a fast action and is effective against herpes”   (

DermaSwiss – emergency serum

CLARIFYING SERUM. Control Serum – Formulated with Probiotics – Regulates bacterial production in combined, oily or acne skin – Works to clear present acne lesions and prevent future breakouts – Provides anti-inflammatory, hydrating and antioxidant effects Suitable for acne, oily or combination skin. Can be used to treat papulopustular rosacea.                           (

De Tuinen - Probiotica First Aid Cream

De Tuinen Probiotica First Aid Cream (75ml) For pimples and red spots and especially for troubled skin. Suitable for the whole body and harmonizes and balances. De Tuinen Probiotics First Aid Cream is very good to use locally for pimples and red spots. This cream is very suitable for the restless skin of the entire body. It helps fight breakouts and soothes the skin. The probiotics ferments from rye help to harmonize and balance the natural protective layer of the skin and normalize the moisture content.         (

WHITE MANDARIN - No. 4 Active anti-acne serum


 YOUTH Series Anti-Acne Serum is a concentrated SOS remedy for rashes, inflammation and enlarged pores with increased fat secretion. It has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, wound-healing properties. Promotes rapid cleansing and healing of the skin. Contains a high concentration of exclusive curative anti-inflammatory cocktails Cutipur and Woresan, as well as other ingredients that help normalize the function of the sebaceous glands and prevent rashes. An effective remedy for eliminating the causes of acne, fights blackheads.              (

LEVRANA - "SOS"- serum

«SOS»- serum for the face – point action. It is based on organic rye enzymes. Thanks to its balanced composition and perfectly selected ingredients, the serum is effective for problem skin. Also helps to reduce wrinkles and skin hyperpigmentation. Rye enzymes contain a wide range of acids, vitamins and minerals: Nicotinamide is an antioxidant. R