Fermentation - Innovative for 6000 years

Fermentation simultaneously constitutes one of the oldest and one of the most innovative forms of transformation of foodstuffs, making them available for use.  This is not actually a contradiction at all. 

Although fermentation has been used for thousands of years mainly in the production and processing of food and drink, during the last few years it has been finding its way more and more into the areas of biotechnology. Bio-gas and bio-ethanol are probably the most prominent examples of this. The fermentation of cereal flours for the purpose of obtaining innovative ingredients for the cosmetic and medical products, and also the pharmaceutical industry in the long-term is the latest but surely also the most promising field in the long list of success stories associated with this process.  

Fermentation is the process in which a substance breaks down into a simpler substance. Microorganisms like Lactobacilli usually play a role in the fermentation process creating bread and other foods. It is the process in which microbes decompose organic compounds with enzymes.

It can also produce additional skin-loving amino acids and antioxidants. As is recognized, during fermentation, microorganisms double active substances and break down molecular structure of substances to a size that can penetrate the skin more deeply. Fermentation attracts attention for its powerful ability to break down toxic substances.

Fermented cosmetics are more symbiotic with the skin. It mimics the skin’s cell functions and supports the skin without disrupting its natural process and help to moisturize.

WORESANA® for a harmonized skin microbiome.

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