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Dr.Rimpler cosmetics introduces new basic clear+ series

Dr.Rimpler cosmetics has relaunched its “basic clear” series under the name “basic clear+“.

New formula new design. A clean sweap 

The + stands for our WORESANA® as the new key active. A whole series dedicated to clear skin. 

“Spots? no chance” With the modern, highly effective care line for the young problem skin, impurities are now a thing of the past.

Dr.Rimpler cosmetics introduces new basic clear seriesThe causes of impure skin are effectively combated and inflammation prevented without drying out.

The result is a skin in which you feel noticeably comfortable.

Great Job Dr.Rimpler team. 

THE CREAM – Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory 24-hour care with a highly effective, natural complex of active ingredients for sustained regulation of the sebaceous glands, against inflammation and impurities.

THE PEEL – Peeling in powder form with enzymes for regular use as a deep clarification of the skin. In combination with water results in a fine, soft foam, which ensures a short pore-clean skin. After some time, the skin relief looks visibly refined.

THE CLEANSER – Fat-free, slightly foaming cleansing gel with a natural extract of rye fermentation to intensively clarify and calm the oily, inflammatory prone, impure skin.
THE GEL – Fat-free liposome care with a highly effective raw material cocktail to balance dysbalances of impure skin. Also for men who often react after shaving with pustules, ideally suited.
THE CONCENTRATE – Highly active, antibacterial concentrate on plant basis in rich, fat-free foam texture for local and large-area treatment of pustular, inflammatory skin.With consistent application to the properly cleansed skin care successes are visible very quickly.
THE TONIC – Anti-inflammatory, slightly alcoholic tonic with a rye-ferment extract as a bacterial killer to reduce inflammation and impurities.