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02.-04. April in-cosmetics 2019 Paris

What a great in-cosmetics woresan had this year.
We are very thankful for the hospitality on the booth of Inter Actifs / ACETO, our new Distributor for France.

02 04 April in cosmetics 2019 Paris_1

It seemed like the whole in-cosmetics had only two topics. Microbiome supporting ingredients and longterm fermented ingredients.
Almost needless to mention that WORESANA® were in centre of attention.

Microbiome based cosmetic and microbiota activity is way more than just another trend.
Obviously the industry has accepted that the skin microbiome is in the first line of interest for modern healthy skin care.

Furthermore woresan´s biomimicry, of using natural concepts and processes in modern manufacturing to produce highly active and efficient skin care ingredients was accepted.

02 04 April in cosmetics 2019 Paris_2

woresan met with numerous interesting potential customers from all around the world.
We met with small start-up companies,  well established local brands and mayor global player.
Furthermore, we met almost all our international distributors, packed with great news from their local markets as well.
woresan is proud to have a very active team of professional specialists around the world.

02 04 April in cosmetics 2019 Paris_3